<h1>Seren Bell</h1>
Inspired by Mid-Wales where she lives and works, Seren produces stunning pen and ink drawings which astound with their level of detail. Seren has been exhibiting successfully for several years and is a well respected local artist. Seren draws rare breed farm animals in the main but other animals also feature in her work.

Seren chooses her subjects carefully drawing only those which really inspire her. She occasionally accepts commissions to draw prize or treasured animals but will not work from photographs taken by others, much preferring to get to know and photograph the subjects for herself.

Most of the work she sells is in the form of original drawings, but she also sells some prints and some work has been used on greetings cards – all her friends are privileged to receive her wonderful Christmas cards.

All Images © Seren Bell 1998/9 All rights reserved

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